St Michael's Guild
This group helps the parish by fund raising and providing fellowship. There are full members who attend meetings and actively assist and also friends, who help where needed. It meets occasionally and when needed. They also assist with catering for special events. Contact: Glad Batey (03) 5721 2244 - Events organiser.

Social Group
This group runs a weekly euchre card night for mainly older members of the community on Fridays, from 7.30pm. A light supper is also provided. Contact: Betty Nippress (03) 5721 2947

Bible Study Group
This meets weekly in the Parish Hall following the Tuesday Eucharist. Special Lenten and Advent focus groups also meet during the specified times.

Nursing Home Care
A service is held every first and third Thursday of each month for residents of the Rangeview nursing home. Parishioners assist by helping residents and joining in the singing. There is an active Pastoral care team within the parish and these volunteers make weekly visits to the hospitals and other nursing homes within the community.

St Michael's Friendship and Craft Group
This group meets every Wednesdays to share craft activities together. This is a large and very active group.
Contact: Jenny Still (03) 57218241

Pastoral Care Team
Meets every 5th Thursday of a month at the Public Hospital Chapel. This group comprises members from both Wangaratta parishes. Coordinator - Toni Moore (03) 5727 6367

Women's Fellowship Group
Meets quarterly at arranged venues.
Contact person and organizer – Val Edwards (03) 57217322

Parish Men's Fellowship
Meets for breakfast and a discussion after a presented topic at least 3-4 times per year. Coordinator - Laurie Johnston (03) 5721 4197

Glenrowan Community Contact
This is a social and outreach group which meets at the old police station Glenrowan, every 3rd Wednesday of each month usually from 2pm to 3.15pm. Contact Robyn Coles (03) 57662209 or Lynn Gent (03) 57662860

Loaves & Fishes Christian caring
Each week a basket is set aside in the church for donations in kind for the local Anglicare group.
Coordinator of this is Val Edwards (03) 57217322

Wangaratta Inter Church Council
The Parish is actively involved in this group.
Contact persons are Laurie Johnston and Margaret Soltau

Significant Yearly Events (Excluding Christmas and Easter Services)

Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Night
This is an enjoyable for the whole parish as a social event with special pancake races.

St Michael's Fete
Once a year in October a major fete is held in the Church grounds to help raise money.

St George's Night / Patronal Festival & Blessing of the Grapes
This is a service held once a year at dusk on the Sunday closest to 23 April. The old kerosene lamps are used and the community gathers to fill the little church before retiring to refreshments nearby.

A Service for the blessing of the grapes also takes place on the Sunday over the long weekend in March (Labour Day) on a Wine farm in the vicinity.

St Paul’s Patronal Festival
Normally takes place on the Sunday closest to 29 June.

St Michael’s Patronal Festival
Normally takes place on the Sunday closest to 29 September and will be a combined service for the entire Parish



































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